Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Milwaukee features big-city entertainment at small-town prices, whether you’re booking a block of rooms, organizing an executive banquet or hosting unforgettable evening entertainment. Average airfares in Milwaukee continue to be lower than 77 of the top 100 airports in the United States, and you’ll find the savings continue once you reach your destination. From a variety of free or inexpensive attractions, performances and events to top-notch dining with an affordable price tag, you get more for your money in Milwaukee.


Compact Destination:

The Convention Center is connected to three major hotels with over 5,000 room nights in the downtown area including over 150+ restaurants in walking distance.


Convention Center:

Milwaukee’s Wisconsin Center is one of the most distinctive in the country. In addition to the first-class amenities available to every group, its halls are lined with a $1.2 million public art display that transforms an already spectacular convention facility into a vibrant and alluring museum. The diverse artwork represents the fascinating history, geography and culture of Wisconsin.


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