About Us


CVBReps is a group of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)/Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) with D.C. metro area based offices at your service to provide expert advice & assistance to consider their locations for your next meeting– no matter what size.  Our services are free and we aim to be your first call when looking to consider one of our locations.  We offer an unbiased source of information within our locations to find the perfect location for your next meeting.  We make planning easy.  Ask us for assistance with:


  • RFP distribution and proposal gathering
  • Site inspections and client education trips
  • Destination Marketing Funding
  • Destination Updates
  • Offsite venue options
  • Hotel, facility, attraction, restaurant & activity information in
  • Attendance Building
  • DMC recommendations
  • Marketing material such as photography and brochures
  • Pre/post conference options
  • Spousal programs
  • Freight and shipping
  • Tax reimbursement


Be an astute meeting planner and make our member CVBs your first point of contact.

CVB Reps Leadership:

Liz Dane, Chair

Carla Bascope-Hebble, Co-Chair


Alison LaFollette, CMP

Immediate Past Chair:

Will Trokey, CMP


Donna Del Gallo


Mary Gallagher, CMP


Kelly Blecke, Chair

Carmella Guambo, Chair

Social Media:

Jacqueline Kavcak, Co-Chair

Destination Vancouver

Shannon Jenkins, MBA, MA, CGMP


Jen Sullivan, Chair

Beth Bushman, Co-Chair

Summer Event:

Dion James-Zanfordino, Chair

Rhonda L. Walker, Co-Chair

Winter Holiday Event:

Heather Turner, Chair

Summer Hansen Davey, CTA, Co-Chair

Visit San Antonio

Non-Signature Events:

Tracey Chapman, Chair


Kelly Blecke, Chair


Ron Sipes, Chair


Howard Munves, Chair

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